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Curriculum vitae
Shulgin Dmitry Iosifovich Ц the musicologist, dr., the professor.
Was born in 1944, has stopped in 1971. The Moscow state Tschajkovsky Conservatoire on a specialty "musicology" in J.N. Holopov''s class.
Since 1973 teaches on theoretical branch of musical school to name M.M. Ippolitov-Ivanov and faculty лMusicology and a composition ╗ the State musical - pedagogical institute of a name of M.M. Ippolitov-Ivanov.
As D.I. Shulgin''s dissertation has protected in the Moscow state Tschajkovsky Conservatoire the book л Theoretical bases of modern harmony ╗ (1996). Now - he one of leading experts of the country in the field of modern harmony, a composition and solfeggio. His scientific - creative and pedagogical activity has repeatedly received the highest estimations on the part of the conducting creative organizations of Moscow and the largest experts - musicologists of our country.
Among pupils of professor D.I. Shulgin - executors and musicologists, - prepared by him to professional work in the above-named subjects, winners and students of the international competitions, members of the Union of composers of Russia, heads of art collectives, editors of Radio and TV, methodologists, candidates of art criticism.
For last 20 years D.I. Shulgin has published many scientific and essentially new on maintenance scientific and methodical works, the general which publishing volume exceeds 2300 pages, including:
лTheoretical bases of modern harmony╗ (Methodical instructions for average special educational institutions of arts and cultures. M. 1983-1984. - 210 p.);
лMethodical recommendations on theoretical bases of modern harmony in rates of musical - theoretical disciplines in average special educational institutions of arts and cultures ╗ (M. 1988. - 48 p.);
the book лThe Manual under the acoustical harmonious analysis ╗ (╠., 1991.-158 p.);
the book лYears of uncertainty Alfred Schnitke╗ (╠., 1993. - 110 p.);
the book лTheoretical bases of modern harmony╗. The manual for special rates of musical high schools and colleges (╠., 1994. - 376 p.);
the book лEdison Denisov'' s Recognition╗ (monographic research; ╠., 1998. - 439 p.);
лHarmony XVIII-XIX-╒╒ of centuries (a baroque, classicism, romanticism, the modernity) ╗. Theoretical and practical rates Ц the author''s program for the maximum(supreme) musical educational institutions (╠., 1999. - 20 p.);
лHarmony of XX century. Theoretical and practical rates ╗ Ц the program - abstract for the maximum(supreme) musical educational institutions (╠., 1999 - 35 p.);
лSolfeggio (a baroque, classicism, romanticism, the modernity)╗ Ц the author''s program for the maximum musical educational institutions (╠., 1999. - 20 p.);
the book лCreativity - life of Victor Ekimovsky╗ (in commonwealth with musicologist ╥.V. Shevchenko. M. 207 p.),
the book лModern features of a composition of music of Victor Ekimovsky╗. Monographic research (╠., 569 p.).
Now by him are prepared for the edition of the book:
лAlexander Vustin''s Musical trues╗ (monographic research).
During three decades D.I.Shulgin actively participated in about many republican, interrepublican seminars and the interuniversity conferences devoted to problems of perfection of professional musical - theoretical formation in average special and maximum musical educational institutions and the decision of a various scientific problematic.
The appreciable contribution to musical culture of the country are his performances with the scientific - educational lectures devoted to creativity of composers of XVIII - XX centuries century on radio stations, concerts and debates at University of musical culture "Contemporary" and лthe Musical drawing room╗ the state musical institute of a name Ippolitov-Ivanov, the House of composer ╤╩, etc.




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